Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July!

So, I'm a week late with this post. Sorry, I've been playing with fireworks. They're legal here in Utah which has turned me into quite the little pyro. Haha.

Our 4th got started with a bang... on the 2nd. Ava's little buddy Ethan came over to make Independence Day shirts out of macaroni. Macaroni?! You might ask. Well think about it. Strategically positioned one can make macaroni look like just about any shape firework. Joni and I had grand visions of the shirts and the fun the kids would have making them, but after a few presses of the macaroni "stamps" they were off playing in the living room and Joni and I were finishing the shirts.

That evening Ava and I went with her friend Dylan and his mom to their cousin's house for Ava's first dose of handheld fireworks. She and I ran to the store in advance to buy some of our very own poppers and sparklers. Knowing how Ava is with loud noises, I tried to find the quietest, least intimidating of the fireworks. She seemed excited, until they were lit. She held the sparkler for just a few seconds before frantically asking me to take it from her.

Taking a break from her licorice to plug her ears.

Alright, so, her first exposure to handheld fireworks did not go so well. Don't worry, we tried again on the 4th and there was much less freaking and flailing and much more smiling and writing her name in the air with sparklers. Jax on the other hand... not a fan. Give him a few years and he'll be begging us to buy the big guns. That's when I start freaking out and flailing.

The morning of the 4th we walked down to the parade. The kids went gaga for the floats. Ava especially loved the giant dinosaur float, and all those with beauty queens on them. Jax was more excited about the horses and cars. Both, of course, loved the marching bands and were not afraid to shake their booties in public! (unfortunately, I don't have video of Jax).

On our way to the parade. There were so many people that I asked Ava to sit in the stroller on our way over. She was not happy.

Hanging out with Daddy

The balloon in the back is "Madeline," one of Ava's very favorite book characters.

We finished the night off with a BBQ, sparklers and a late, late (10:45) fireworks show. Our neighbors were shooting off some pretty big firecrackers of their own. The loud booms frightened Ava, so to muffle the sounds we put cotton balls in her ears and then covered them with her winter hat... even though it was 80 degrees out.

Gotta love the get-up

Get this thing away from me

Waiting for fireworks. Jax was waiting to go to bed.

You can kinda see the fireworks in the background.

11pm. The kids' faces say it all.

I love the 4th! It's just such a fun holiday! I explained to Ava that morning that the 4th of July is America's birthday and that we're celebrating our freedoms and all of our blessings. She suggested that next year we make a cake for America. I told her that there are a lot of people in America and we'd be cooking for days. Her response? "That's okay, you like to bake. I'll help you stir the batter and I won't lick my fingers because I don't want to give America germs."

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Joni said...

Remember in Utah you get fireworks for the 24th of July too so get ready! We had a great time making shirts with you!