Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eden's Blessing

Blessing day is always chaotic. I spend the morning making sure everyone is dressed, groomed, has underwear on (Jax can be sneaky) and that we're out the door on time for church. Then, when we get there, I frantically search the chapel with my eyes making sure all the family is there (especially the men), panic because it's been two hours since the baby last ate which means said baby could potentially cry during the blessing and say a silent prayer that this Sunday isn't the one where my child's diaper can't hold what's dumped in it, leading to a blowout on a beautiful white outfit. That's my morning. But then, we sit. Church starts. Andy takes our beautiful little baby from my arms, then is joined by several priesthood holders to give our precious baby a name and a blessing. Suddenly, the craziness of the morning melts away and I am filled with gratitude. Eden's blessing went as the other two before did: chaos followed by peace. We were blessed to have two of Andy's four brothers, his dad, an uncle and a cousin all take part in the blessing of our little Eden Faith. I felt the Spirit so strongly as she was promised blessings from our Heavenly Father.

 All the Kleinman cousins (at the time). We've since added one more boy, with another on the way next month and one more baby due in March. We don't know what that one is yet.

Afterward, it was a Kleinman party at our house, full of fun for cousins and a lot of catching up. If I could have, I would have kept Eden's dress on her all day, but since we live in the desert, I thought it best to take it off. Oh, but there is nothing more lovely to me than a baby in white. This dress was extra-special for me since I made it myself (pattern and all). Although, not too much attention is paid to the dress when you have a baby as beautiful as our little Eden in it! 

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Candace said...

So sweet. I love the dress. You are so talented!