Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cousins Out the Wazoo!

Cousins out the Wazoo. That's how our hilarious Ava describes the ever-expanding brood of Kleinman cousins.

We all got together (minus baby Andrew) at the park for fun and pictures. The big kids ran and wrestled, played with balls and devoured Aunt Courtney's snacks. While the two babies (Eden and Rex) spent most of the time bundled up with their Mamas.

 Jax, Nathan and Konrad

 Little cheeseballs!

 Am I surprised that Jax and Konrad found giant sticks for sword-fighting? Absolutely not.

 Look how big our baby girls is getting!

 Cousins out the wazoo (minus baby Rex and baby Andy)

For those keeping count, there are currently NINE cousins (seven boys and our two girls) with another adorable boy on the way.

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