Friday, December 23, 2011

All Smiles

Our little Eden is already five months old! My goodness, that went fast! But, alot has happened since the wee one blessed our little family.

I'm lucky. I have really good babies. And Eden could very well be the best yet, if that's even possible. The other two were great eaters, slept through the night at six weeks, rarely cried. But Eden, well, she makes Ava and Jax look like little stinkers. She sleeps well, eats great and cries only when I don't feed her fast enough... or when her sister picks her nose. Which happens alot. Not sure why. Better save that for another blog post. Anywho, our baby girl is super sweet and super smiley! She's quite charming. And her giggle, well, I wish I could capture it, lock it up and listen to it anytime I wanted to.

We sure love our Eden!

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shelly said...

I don't remember what Ava looked like as a baby, but, to me, Eden looks a lot like Jax. Do you see that too or is she really more like Ava?