Sunday, April 1, 2012

What a Drag

This blog post is way overdue. This is pretty much how I will begin all future blog posts until my computer is fixed. I am writing this post from our super old desktop. It gets the job done, it just takes it a lifetime to do so. But, I shouldn't complain. Since the demise of my laptop I've gotten a lot more done around the house and pinned a lot less on Pinterest.

Ava entered her first ever science fair back in February. It was a schoolwide event and our little miss placed SECOND in her category (which was the largest of all the categories!). For her project, she wanted to determine which type of paper airplanes flies the farthest. After much research online, she chose three very different planes. She threw each plane 10 times, measured and recorded the distance then analyzed her results. She learned all about "drag" while preparing for her project and took it into consideration when coming up with her hypothesis. She was disappointed that her hypothesis was incorrect (mine was too) but was excited to research her results.

Ava was one of only three kindergarteners who entered the science fair (it's not mandatory) and was the only one to place. She dropped her project off the morning of the science fair for judging. That evening, the science fair was open to the public and the judges decisions were revealed. I was the first to notice the red second place ribbon on her project (everyone got green participation ribbons) and excitedly pointed it out to Ava, who had no idea what it meant. When I explained to her that the red represents second place she was shocked, then immediately ran to tell Daddy and G-Pa (who had come up from Phoenix). I think Andy was the most proud of all. He's always assumed that Ava would take after me and lean more toward the English and writing disciplines. Now, he has a glimmer of hope that maybe she'll be a scientist or math nerd like her daddy.

We're so proud of our girl and the hard work she put into her first-ever science fair project. Here's to many more1