Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ava's Accomplishments

It's been quite the school year for our Ava, and we're only halfway through it. Already, she has won an essay contest, an art contest (and will next compete at the state level), she tested into the gifted program at her school (99th percentile across the board), she's testing at a sixth grade reading level, she's played soccer, had two piano recitals, a first grade performance and organized a bake sale that raised $713 for the Newtown Memorial Fund. We're so proud of our girl, her accomplishments, her kind heart, her talents and how hard she works at achieving her goals!

 Fall piano recital

 Christmas piano recital at the mall

1st grade performance of "Stone Soup"

 Showing us her classroom after the performance

 I thought this was too sweet to not share

 Family photo by Ava

 Actual family photo

 Check out that loaded table at the bake sale

It was freezing outside, but Ava and her friend Lindsay toughed it out and held signs for the bake sale


Hall of Halls said...

wow...what an amazing little girl you have- she must have an amazing mother:)

Mari said...

Ava is a smart girl! Wish she was here so she and Mateo could talk books and academics. He's still trying to make friends at school. But no one seems to love reading as much as he does!