Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Real Farmers

I was born and raised a city girl. I didn't like camping or working or getting dirty and the idea of gardening or raising animals did not appeal to me. How in the world I ever snagged my husband with that kind of attitude is beyond me. But, over 10 years I've grown up a bit. I love my garden. I work hard in all aspects of my life. I love living out in the "boonies" with our dirt and trees and now, our critters.

We are now the proud owners of 13 chickens. We got them as chicks (the first batch was just a day old, the second batch was a week old) and have had fun taking care of them, raising them and now moving them out to their permanent home in the chicken coop. The kids have especially loved the idea of having our own hens and can't wait to collect eggs in the fall. They definitely enjoyed the chicks more when they were new and little, now that they're getting bigger and more "chicken-y" they're not as fun to play with, although Jax does enjoy chasing them around the chicken run. And, above all, he loves that now we're "real farmers."

Eden put on ear muffs because the "chickies too loud"

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