Thursday, December 18, 2008

More, Mama, Mmmmm....

Eating solids has unleashed a side of Jax we had never seen before. He's very aggressive when it comes to food. If I don't shovel it in fast enough he'll grab my hand (with the spoon in it) and shove it into his mouth. If that isn't an option, he dive-bombs into the spoon, lunging at it with an open mouth. I try, between bites, to sign "more" to him (while speaking the word), but sometimes there just isn't enough time. He does say, "mmmm" when he wants more. That will do for now. It took Ava about six-weeks after the introduction of sign language to make her first sign. Jax, may however, just stick with the attack method. It seems to work for him.

He took this apple off my plate while I was helping Ava. Little Sneak!

However, while he's not yet signing, he is saying "Mama." Initially, Andy and I thought he was just making the "mamama" sound, but yesterday, when I walked upstairs he began whining and said, "Mama." Then, today, when Andy and I came home from the Temple (Dusty babysat) I picked Jax up and he said it again. And, tonight, when I left the room he stared crying and asked for me. Sweet little boy. I know he knows who I am, but it is so special to hear him say it. I felt the same way with Ava, and still, to this day when she sweetly says, "I love you Mama" it makes my heart so happy! I am one lucky Mama!!!

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