Saturday, May 16, 2009


My kids love to dance! I love that they love to dance! It's fun for them to do, fun for me to watch. We spent many-a-winter day, music blasting in the living room, and Ava, Jax and I dancing like a bunch of crazies!

Ava has been in a ballet class since the fall. The class is focused on getting the students (all 2-3 years old) comfortable in their feet and familiar with coordinated movement. It's been great for Ava to, not only learn, but have a special class that is all her own. It's amazing the skills she has developed in the eight months she's been in the class. But, best of all, is seeing her face as she dances, the joy just radiates from her. At the end of June she'll move up to a "Big Girl Class" (3-4) which is less carefree than her current class. Her teacher, Miss Michelle, will remain the same, but the class is much more structured and begins to focus more on actual ballet techniques and positions. Ava will be the youngest in the class, but she's ready. She did tell me she was a little afraid because she didn't know what to do in the "big girl class," but I assured her that Miss Michelle would teach her. As with all things, her desire to learn far exceeds any concern she may have about her skill level. She'll catch on quickly, she has such a love for dancing. Here she is doing her "Mamma Mia" warm-up routine. The second video is "freestyle" dancing.



Jax, I think, has learned to dance by watching his big sister. As soon as he hears music he begins to bounce his booty (if standing), shake his head or wiggle his whole body. It's pretty darn cute!


Jax is very aware of the effect he has on people. Sensing how adorable we think he is when he dances, he's begun to use his booty-shaking abilities as a means to acquire food. He knows we can't resist his adorableness, so he uses it to his advantage. Watch this video and you'll see what I mean.



Joni said...

We love your dancing Ava. Ethan watched both videos twice! Jax is a hoot...

keep klein-man said...

So very cute! I love Dancing kids. Well I am A dancer...