Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Duck's Mouth

Ava has become very interested lately in people's real names, nicknames, etc. She was shocked when I told her my real name is Rebekah. She really only hears people call me "Bekah" or "Becky" so, finding out that Mommy has yet another name came as a surprise to her. A few weeks ago she asked what all her grandparents' names were. I told her and the conversation was over. However, today it came up again.

"Mommy, Grandpa's nickname is Ralphie."
"Actually, honey, that's Grandpa's real name. But you call him Grandpa. What's Grandma's name?"
"Cherryl, like my favorite on the dancing show." (She and I watch "Dancing with the Stars" on Mondays and her favorite pro is Cheryl Burke)
"What about G-Pa?"
She stops and is thinks very hard.
"Do you remember, honey? What is a duck's mouth called?"
"BEAK! G-Pa's name is Beak!"
Through laughter I correct her, "Birds have beaks. Ducks have bills. G-Pa's name is Bill."
"Oh, G-Pa Bill. No, he's just G-Pa."

She also remembers my mom's name (Patti) by calling her "G-Ma Patti-Cake." Whatever works, right?

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