Friday, December 11, 2009

When it Snows it Dumps

Being from Arizona, snow is a novelty. When I was a kid, our family made special trips "up North" to go play in the snow. It was fun, it was exciting, it wasn't permanent. After our romp in the snow, we would just drive back down to Phoenix, put on our short-sleeved shirts and enjoy the sunny winter day.

Here, it's a little different. We got our first big snow of the winter. And more is expected. Here's Snow Day 1:

The view outside our front door

Ava and I played out in the snow for awhile while Jax napped. She is not at all phased by the freezing temperatures. She just wanted to play in the snow and was sorely disappointed when it was time to go in. Thank goodness for hot cocoa, it made coming inside a little more worthwhile.

I got a good workout pulling her around in the sled.


We got several more inches overnight. Jax seemed to like the snow, however, he HATES the cold. He just kept saying, "Cold, Cold, Cold. Brrrr."


I've lost track of when it actually snowed. This just happens to be our third day playing out in the snow.

Making her sneaky face, as she attempts to construct a snowball. Lucky for me, the snow was too powdery.

Both the kids loved it, until Jax's gloves came off when he fell in the snow. The freezing sensation on his hand freaked him out, as evidenced in this video.

So, inside we went to thaw out.

I just checked our 10-day forecast. More snow is expected through Monday. I just ordered the kids some snowboots online, because it looks like this winter, we'll be needing them.

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