Friday, December 4, 2009

"Helping" Daddy Work

We're supposed to be getting snow all next week. I'll admit, I'm a little excited. But, I'm sure that'll wear off as soon as I a) slip on ice (which is inevitable), b) scrape snow and ice from my windshield, c) have to get my kids bundled just to get them to the car and then unbundle them so I can get them in their carseats and then rebundle them when it's time to get out.

Anyway, in preparation for the pending white stuff, Andy went into the backyard this afternoon, armed with a rake, with the intention of piling up and bagging all the leaves in our backyard. Of course, as soon as he headed for the back door Jax began pleadingly yelling , "Owside, owside?" and Ava joined in with a chorus of, "Can I come, Daddy? I wanna come." So, I pulled their newly cleaned coats out of the dryer, zipped them up and sent them out back with a reluctant Daddy. I had to run an order over to a customer, which only took about 15 minutes. I certainly didn't expect the entire job to be done, but here's what I found when I came home:

Ava under a "leaf blanket"

And Jax driving a dumptruck through the leaves (what else would he be doing?). He had absolutely no interest in jumping in them himself, nope, they just provided a good obstacle for his truck.

Andy had put the rake off to the side and resigned himself to the fact that his mission had been foiled but two little people who, stacked on top of each other, probably aren't as tall as his rake. So, instead, our family spent time outside playing chase and running through the leaves. We had so much fun I don't think Andy really minds having to do all that work again. Okay, maybe he does... but we still had fun!

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