Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Eventful Birthday

I turned 28 Friday. Every mom knows that once you give birth, the only birthdays on your radar are your kids'. My birthday just happens to be sandwiched between Ava's and Jax's, so I very easily forget about it. However, my sweet little family and wonderful friends really made numero 28 special... and little miss Ava did her part to make it eventful.

The birthday festivities actually lasted three days, beginning Thursday when my friend Joni had us over for a wonderful lunch and playing. Then Friday, Andy and the kids surprised me in the morning with a Christus statue and some wonderufl books. Andy had to go to school, so later in the morning Brittney and A.J. joined us for a trip to the aquarium. I had heard mixed reviews about this particular aquarium, but have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The kids loved the jellyfish, Nemo fish, sharks, petting stingrays and, of course, the penguins!

Brittney and I had to go to this YUMMY Mexican restaurant (I'm pretty sure it's the only good one in Utah) for lunch. We weren't there 15 before chaos ensued. As Brittney and I chatted and the kids colored, Ava shifted in her chair as she always does (she's really wiggly) but this time something went terribly wrong. I looked over just in time to see her falling face first out of her chair. It was strange on so many levels, first of all, I wasn't sure how she got herself into that predicament in the first place, secondly, it seemed to happen in slow motion yet I couldn't get there fast enough to help her before she landed. So, she landed. Hard. The first thing I hear is the worst scream EVER, so I rush over, see her face down on the floor, immediately pick her up and all I see is blood. Lots of it gushing out of her mouth. I immediately check her teeth. They're still there. They're not loose. So, I just begin making my best effort to stop the bleeding. Ava is still screaming so I take her out to the restaurant lobby. The sweet staff of the restaurant brought us napkins and ice. After 20 minutes, lots of crying and lots of napkins we finally got the bleeding to stop for the most part. Ava, got ice cream. I took her to the dentist a few hours after we got home, just to be safe. He said her teeth weren't damaged, but she scraped off several layers of her gums. Painful, but better than the alternative. That night we went out to dinner, fortunately, she could eat and said her mouth wasn't hurting too badly. Today, her gums already look tons better!

Saturday we were finally blessed with GREAT weather, so to celebrate Andy and I took the kids goofy golfing (which some people call miniature golfing). Oh my heck, sooo fun! Ava developed her own swing, Jax preferred to just kick or throw the ball into the hole.
We ended the weekend with some family time at home. Now, I'm going to enjoy the last two years of my 20's.

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