Friday, April 30, 2010


He did it! Andy is the proud new owner of a Masters of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering! Not only that, but he graduated with a 3.91 GPA... he's AMAZING!!!

We were so lucky to have Andy's parents and grandma, my mom and dad, and Dusty here to share in this exciting time!

Trying to keep Ava occuppied during the ceremony!

G-Ma & G-Pa with the mancub!
Here's Andy receiving his "diploma" (it's actually just the diploma cover, he'll get the actual paper in the mail in a few weeks). You can't hear it very well, or see it, but I love hearing us all yell for him... especially Ava.

When I look back at the last two years, which have flown by, I am so impressed by Andy. He worked tirelessly to make sure each homework assignment, each project and each paper were as close to perfect as possible. He studied endlessly, stayed up late and woke up early, sacrificed time playing basketball, time with family and time doing anything for himself, all to ensure he understood all he studied, memorized equations, and performed the best he possibly could. He missed just one day of class in his two years at BYU, because he had pink eye. He rode his bike to school in the snow, often missed lunch, and spent time between classes studying. He earned the respect of his professors, advisers and fellow classmates (many of whom came to him for help), but would never admit it because he's THAT humble!

I am obviously so proud of my husband and what he has accomplished these past two years. Of course the degree and the job are such blessings, but I feel blessed that my children have such an intelligent, hard-working, determined dad to look up to. I'm grateful to him for sharing his love of education and learning with our children and with me. He's absolutely amazing and I couldn't feel more blessed to be his wife! Love you, Andy!!!

So, yet another chapter in our life is coming to a close. Andy will once again join the working world, this time as an Engineer! In just a few short weeks our little family will pack up and move to Mississippi. It'll be the fifth move Andy and I have made in our nearly 7.5 year marriage. We're hoping though, that we're getting closer to finally settling down... that is, until Andy decides to get his doctorate.... which is inevitable! :)


Laun and Catherine said...

Congrats- how exciting! I hope the move goes well. You look amazing by the way. You have such a cute family.

Penny said...

Congrats! That is so exciting.

Rob and Sara said...

Congrats Andy!

Brian and Janette said...

Hooray for education and for being done! Congrats!