Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just One More Page...

All who know and love Ava know just how much our little girl enjoys books. They're her favorite things in the world! We're currently ready the Felicity: An American Girl set together. Each night we read 2-3 chapters, but that just wasn't enough last night for sweet Ava. She needed just one more chapter. So, I told her she could read quietly in her bed after she and I had finished reading together. I knew she wouldn't last long, so when I went in her room I wasn't surprised to find this:

First thing this morning, she joined Jax and me on the couch where we read 16 books before breakfast. As I write this blog, Ava is reading to Jax. Reading/books is such an important part of our family's daily life. I love that it's something we can enjoy and do together for years to come!

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Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

16 books before breakfast!??!! that's impressive. we had to set a bedtime book limit of 3, and that's following one chapter from the illustrated bible/book of mormon, or else they would never let us stop. it's a great thing to raise little readers :)