Friday, September 3, 2010


We've been spending a lot of time with crayons. Every morning the kids and I spend close to an hour coloring and drawing. It's just become routine. They each have a "Thought Book" in which they draw a picture of something they're thinking about that day, then write a sentence about it (I obviously help Jax). I got the idea from my dear friend Erin and just love it. It's fun to let the kids draw, but often it's even more fun to see what's on their precious little minds. Jax's usually involves a monster truck, Ava's is usually an animal. These are things that are important to my kids right now. They're already growing much too quickly for my liking, and with that comes changing interests so I love the idea of chronicling the things that are on their minds at various stages of their lives.

After "Thought Book" time we usually just draw on plain sheets of paper or color in one of their many coloring books. The other day, Ava was very secretive about her artwork and repeatedly reminded me not to look at it. Finally, she approached me with this:

STEGOSAURUS! Isn't it awesome?! She told me she was frustrated because she ran out of room on the side and was unable to include all his tail spikes. She also told me she was being silly and gave him six legs. I think it's just perfect, missing tail-spikes and extra legs included!

On a side note, if you notice she spelled her name "AVAV." I asked her why and she said, "Because you and Daddy call me Ava-Ave." She sounded it out and AVAV is what she got. I love that she tried to figure it out on her own.

This masterpiece is currently up on our refrigerator. But it will eventually land in her baby book. It's a keeper!

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Rob and Sara said...

"avav" totally makes sense to me! :) that is adorable.