Monday, June 27, 2011

The Blueberry Patch

One of the great things about living in the South is access to local produce farms. Blueberry patches are especially popular this time of year, and the kids and I couldn't resist an opportunity to stock our freezer full of the delicious blueberries. So, one morning after we dropped Andy off at work we drove about 20 minutes to a nearby blueberry patch and picked two gallons of berries.

 Fortunately, we went early enough in the morning that it wasn't too hot and the humidity didn't kill us. However, as our 90 minute excursion neared the end, the sun was beating a little harder and both kids were sweating and red-faced. They spent a little time on a nearby bench before heading back out to help me pick the last of our blueberries. At which point Jax told me he needed to rest because his legs were broken. It's a good thing there was a shady spot not too far away for him to plop down in, wouldn't want to do any more damage to those broken legs.

That afternoon we canned delicious blueberry jam (sorry, no pictures), Sunday morning it was blueberry crumb muffins for breakfast and today we'll be giving lemon blueberry poppyseed bread a try. Of course, we've all been snacking on blueberries for the past few days and I've frozen several bags, but I think we'll head back out this week and pick two more gallons, so we can make more jam, some syrup and freeze enough to last us through the end of the year. Maybe this time we'll take Daddy along, you know, so he can carry Jax, just in case his legs break again.


All these Halls said...

Wish I could have gone blueberry picking with you-yum!!!

Erin said...

how fun! That's one thing I really miss in Arizona! I can't wait until we live in a place that has fruit on the side of the road! Wish I could have gone with you!