Monday, June 6, 2011

Yippee for Three!

Jax turned three May 28th, but we were without internet so I couldn't blog about the exciting day. First let me say, WOW! He's three!! And it's been a long time coming. He's been wanting to turn three since Christmas, because after Christmas we start the countdown to birthdays (Ava's in March, mine in April, Jax's in May). So, he's been talking for months about being three. Let me tell you about our big three-year-old boy. Well, he's big! He hasn't been in for his three-year check-up yet, but here's an idea. Our little boy wears the same size shoe as his five-year-old sister (that's an 11), he weighs just three pounds less than said sister and is taller than many of his four-year-old friends. He's a giant, solid, beefy, rough and tumble guy.

(Birthday Boy on his birthday morning)

As I've said many times before, he's fearless. He'll try anything, jump off anything and then laugh when he falls. His first love is monster trucks, but his latest obsession is Ninja Turtles. He loves to wrestle, beat up imaginary bad guys (or Daddy), do ninja kicks and somersaults. But here's the thing, in all his ninja excitement (I should mention he's Michaelangelo... always Michaelangelo) he sometimes forgets that not everyone else is, well, trained in the art of Ninja Turtlery. Just recently, my three-year-old had to apologize to an eight-year-old and a 7.5-year-old for attacking them, oh, and making them cry. Did I mention these were on separate occasions? No? Yes, they were. Oh, and while I'm mentioning things, it might be worth noting that one of the attacks occurred at church. Granted, it was after all the meetings were over and a big group of boys were being wild in the Primary Room and Jax was just getting in on the "fun." While I figured out how best to approach the situation, teaching Jax that we can't beat up our friends without making him feel bad since he wasn't really trying to hurt anyone, I couldn't help but notice the pride oozing out of the sides of Andy's little grimace. I knew what he was thinking, "That's right, my boy just beat up an eight-year-old."

 (Such a boy)

Now, he's not all ninjas, monster trucks and attacks on big kids. While he's every bit the boy his Daddy always hoped he'd be (he loves basketball too), he's also the cuddliest little sack of sweetness. His smile warms my heart, and fortunately, I get to see it often. He wakes up each morning, climbs into bed with me, cuddles up against me and showers me with kisses (and tries to push Daddy out of the bed). Or, he gently tries to open my eyes, then giggles as I snap them shut. It's a wonderful sight and sound to wake up to. He randomly tells each of his family members throughout the day that he loves us. And it's not just an "I love you." It's "I love you, Mommy" with a nuzzle or a hug (or sometimes a really tight squeeze around the neck). He's always the first to thank me for making dinner, or for reading him a book. He's the first to ask if someone is okay when he senses sadness, the first to help someone pick up something they dropped. He rushes ahead of Ava and me when we walk into Church just so he can hold the door open for us. Just today, I asked the kids to clean up the playroom, Ava went in then quickly came out and said, "Jax already picked up my Barbies for me." Sure enough, our thoughtful little guy had cleaned up his sister's toys, without being asked and without a word about it. When Ava and I thanked him, he said, "I wanted to serve Ava." Made my heard melt. But my favorite is anytime Jax sees a member of the military in uniform, no matter where we are, he'll run up to them and say, "Thank you for your service." He loves, loves, loves to do this and I love to see the look and the serviceman/woman's face when they hear those words coming out of the mouth of such a young child.

(Daddy's little baller)

I know, I know, he sounds like the perfect little boy, right? Well, he kinda is. He definitely has his moments. He's easily frustrated and super-stubborn, but he's also very obedient and is good about calming himself down and "trying again" when necessary. He does throw fits on occasion, but always apologizes afterward. He's pretty awesome!

 Look Mommy, I'm a GEEK! (Grandpa always says the Kleinman boys are a bunch of geeks)

 Andy and I are so grateful for our "Little Digger" (as Andy likes to call him). He's the perfect compliment to his big sister and the two of them together bring us such joy and happiness! Happy, Happy 3rd Birthday, Jax!!! We love you!!!
(Don't worry, we celebrated Jax's birthday in true monster truck style. Party post to come soon!)

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Erin said...

oh, I can't believe he's three already! I remember when he was born, and it doesn't seem like that long ago! time flies! Happy birthday, Jax!