Friday, October 14, 2011


One of the great things about living back home is being so near family and getting to enjoy some fun times together!

The kids especially love getting to play with cousins! Those of us in town got together at Curtis and Courtney's Tuesday for dinner, playtime and an impromptu dance party.

It makes my heart so happy to see these kids hanging out and laughing together, and they all get along so well. Seriously. It's amazing. Ava and Nathan are the oldest of the bunch and I love listening to them talk and crack each other up with silliness. Jax and Konrad are just five months apart and have bonded over monster trucks.

 Bracken, Jax, Nate and Ava watching a movie

 Dogpile on Nathan!!!

Right now there are eight cousins ranging in age from newborn to five-and-a-half (Ava's the oldest). A friend of mine said the birth of grandkids is like popcorn. First it starts out slow: POP....POP.....POP, then starts to pick up POP..POP..POP, and then POPPOPPOPPOPPOP. Our family is no exception. There are 11 months between Ava and Nathan, then another 11 between Nathan and Konrad. Five months later, Jax was born. Then there was 15 months before Rodney and Bracken were born (three days apart). Then 10 months later, Eden came along, and little Rex joined the bunch two months after that. We've got another boy due any day now, and Nathan and Bracken will welcome a new little sibling in March.

This extended family of ours is growing like crazy. When I think about the close relationship all of the cousins will have growing up, it just makes moving back home that much more worth it.

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