Saturday, October 22, 2011

Upside Down Dinner

I try my best to be a fun mom. I'm constantly worrying that I spend too much of my day reminding my kids to pick up their toys, practice piano or get their fingers out of their noses. So, I try to balance my nagging with fun. Thus, the birth of the upside-down dinner. I had Andy take the kids for a walk to Grandma and Grandpa's while I prepared the fun: Individual chicken pot-pies places on the plate upside down, Capri Suns with straws in the bottoms, upside-down hats, socks for hands and upside-down cupcakes. I was giggling inside imaging the kids' reactions to the dinner I had planned. I envisioned them laughing at the silliness and telling me what a fun mom I was. Ah yes, it would be perfect. Well, things didn't go quite as I imagined. Jax, who is very particular about his clothes was not interested in wearing his hat the wrong way. Although, I did convince him to wear it upside-down for a picture. Ava, loved the idea of the dinner but found eating with socks on her hands a little difficult. Neither kid liked the pre-made, store-bought chicken pot pie, both saying they preferred my homemade version, which is actually very sweet. The cupcakes, however, were a hit.

Despite the upside-down dinner fail, we did chat at dinner and came up with other possible silly dinner themes. I've got a list going in my head, hopefully they'll be more successful!

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Erin said...

One thing I love to do the week before Halloween (this week!) is make halloween themed dinners--this week we're making mummy pizza, pumpkin pot pie, dirt cups (for dessert), witch's brew, and snake calzones. The kids love it! And they love the anticipation of what the next dinner will be. You can find lots of ideas online; just google it!