Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slip Sliding Sledding

It's the middle of July and I'm still catching up on March posts. Eek!

We got hit with quite the snowstorm in the middle of the month. We had two days of constant snow, and once it stopped, it made for the perfect playground for kids and cousins. Andy's parents have a great hill, perfect for sledding, so we all met up there with sleds and innertubes for an afternoon of fun!

Ava was a little hesitant at first, but once she went down a couple of times she became more confident actually looked happy, rather than nervous, going down the hill.

 Here's some video. For some reason Blogger isn't letting me download some of my videos, so click on the link and you can see the video.

Jax, on the other hand, ever the daredevil, jumped right on the sled and zoomed down, only to race back up for another shot. He went down headfirst, sideways, innertube, sled, he didn't care. He even convinced Daddy and Uncle Curtis to build a jump so he could get "rare air" -- which he did.

Here's his video:

Uncle Curtis was quite the sledding pro.

You have to know Curtis to know how totally normal a picture like this is. He's hilarious and will do just about anything to make us all laugh, even if it requires him making a total goof of himself. But, that's why we all love him so much! This video is a perfect example. I especially love Andy's laugh!

Andy was such kid. He and his brothers frequented this very hill many times in their youth. It was fun to see the kid in him come out to play!

I even took a shot down the hill a few times, and allowed Andy to take Eden down as well. She didn't seem very impressed.

As I stood at the bottom of the hill playing amateur photographer I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming gratitude for the opportunity our little family had to move back home. Without it, my kids would miss out on fun times like this with their cousins and Andy with his brothers. Ava, Jax, Nathan and Bracken are the greatest of friends and my kids love making memories with them. What a blessing that they get to do it so often!
Jax and Bracky helping each other out.

Little ducks following Curtis

It's summer now but the kids are already (or maybe it's still) talking about sledding. Next time around they'll all be seasoned pros, so who knows what kind of jumps they'll come up with then!

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