Thursday, September 27, 2012

Soaking Up Summer

Summer is slowly coming to a close in our little town. The days are still nice --- in the low 80's, but I've noticed some leaves beginning to change colors and feel a slight breeze in the air as we're outside playing most days. The nights have quickly turned chilly and I've even had to turn the space heaters on a few nights.

Ava's sweet friend from church and school came over one day to help us celebrate the last days of summer. Grandma and Grandpa got the kids a little play pool at the beginning of the season, but this is the first time we actually filled it up, it spends most days as a cover for Jax's sandbox. It's a teeny little thing, but seemed just perfect for the three big kids and Eden. It did take some convincing to get the older kids to actually submerge their bodies in the water. Apparently, it was pretty cold. But Eden, our little water baby, could've cared less. I finally had to pull her out of the pull, kicking and screaming (more like grunting), her lips blue and toes about to fall off.

Jax mostly enjoyed squirting the girls with his squirt guns which, of course, they didn't appreciate. They threatened to get him back, so rather than give his big sister and her friend the satisfaction of soaking him, he took matters into his own hands and plunged into the water. This is the result:

A freezing Jax

 What a great way to send summer off. Soon enough, we'll be playing in the snow, longing for days like these.

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