Friday, November 9, 2012

Cousin Fun

Our kids are so blessed to live near all 7.5 of their cousins, they have built-in buddies all around! We see cousins Nathan, Bracken and Marco every week while Ava takes piano lessons from Aunt Courtney (the added bonus is the kids hang out for a bit after lessons and Courtney and I get to have adult interaction!), but we try to get together for fun stuff as much as possible. While the fair was in town, Court and I thought it the perfect opportunity to have some fun.

The kids had a blast riding all the kiddie rides together, Jax was just plain giddy. Really, the ride could have been a man pushing him around in a laundry basket and he would have loved it. I think it was just the idea of being at the fair with cousins that made him so  happy. And I must say, I was pretty impressed by how well the four older kids compromised and took turns choosing rides. 

Look at us, we're having fun at the fair too!

It was way past Eden's bedtime so she spent most of the fair in her stroller with this exact same look on her face.

Just a few weeks later, during fall break, Courtney and I loaded the kids up for a trip to the local zoo. Our zoo is small, but it's just perfect for a little family outing. The walk is nice, there's a wide variety of animals and it's fairly inexpensive (especially with our discount card thanks to the PTA!).

I love watching these kiddos play together! Each of our three kids areabout a year apart: Ava is 6, Nathan is 5, Jax is 4, Bracken is 3, Eden is 15 months and Marco is 8 months, it's so neat to think they'll all grow up making fun memories like these together. 

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