Friday, November 9, 2012

When Eden is Quiet...

When Eden is quiet...

You know she's sneaking food.

Exhibit A: 

As I got our things in order to head out the door to pick Ava up from school then take kids to gymnastics, I noticed my usual little shadow was nowhere to be seen. That's the first sign. Then, when I called for her, there was no response (I usually get a high-pitched, "Mama!" in return). Sign number two. The greatest indicator of Eden's attempts to hoard anything edible, though, is the silence. She's rarely quiet. So, I went into the pantry (because that's where all the good stuff is) and found this:

Sharing with Mama

So pleased with herself.
Exhibit B: 

I gave Eden and Jax each a little bowl of goldfish crackers to snack on. Eden gobbled/spilled hers very quickly and promptly began begging her brother for some of his ("Please. More"). He gave her a few but that simply didn't suffice, so as soon as he got up to go to the bathroom, she went in for the kill.

 First I caught her with her hands in his boots. Nothing out of the ordinary.

 Then, I noticed she was sticking something into said boots. A little weird. So, I peeked into the boots and guess what I found?

 She didn't want her brother to take the crackers away from her so she was hiding them. My first reaction was to be impressed by her ingenuity. Then, when she heard Jax coming out of the bathroom, I saw her stick one of the boot crackers in her mouth and, while disgusting, it also proves just how far she was willing to go That's dedication.

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Hall of Halls said...

she is looking so much older!