Saturday, August 8, 2009

Look What I Did!

I've made it my new mission to become more self-sufficient. Which means trying new things (see previous post on my gardening experience). Ava grows so darn quickly that it seems she wears a dress to church once or twice and, next thing you know, it's too short. Thank goodness for cute little leggings. If you've ever bought a little girl's dress you'll know they're not cheap. I take that back, buying one isn't bad. But when your child grows out of them as fast as Incredible Hulk transforms from a mild-mannered guy to a bulky, grean fighting-maching, well then... you can understand my dilemma. So, I decided to make her a dress. I started with the most simple one I could: a pillowcase dress. In all actuality, you're really supposed to make it from a pillowcase. But, I would like to know where in the world I'm supposed to find a cute pillow case, that I would be willing to chop up. Besides, I ordered this fabric from a lady on Etsy and desperately wanted to make the dress out if. So, Joni and I went to work finding a tutorial for making a pillowcase dress out of fabric. We found one. We tackled it. I made one for Ava, she made one for her little girl who will be born on the 17th (you're in single-digit days now, Joni!).

Here's the end result.

I gotta say, it wasn't nearly as frightening or difficult as I had anticipated. I actually really enjoyed it and have already ordered fabric to make other styles. Cost-wise it's much more effective. I love saying I made the dress she's wearing and Ava LOOOOVES choosing fabric! It's a WIN WIN WIN.

I had actually originally gotten my sewing machine out to make a blanket for Jax. I know, it's summer and he doesn't really need one. But I figure winter will sneak up on us in no time and I better be prepared. The little dude has a vintage baseball-themed room and when I saw this fabric I fell in love with it!

Please excuse the wrinkles, Jax had been napping on it just a few minutes prior to the picture.

This is the back. Check out the top seam... get it, it's shaped like baseball stitching. Thank goodness for Joni who is a much better sewer than I. She helped me map out the top stitch and even said nice things when I did dumb things! That's a real friend!! :)

Yes, the sewing machine is still out. I have to make Ava a new blanket with this fabric:

I also have fabric for her curtains, but that will go to the back burner once the new dress fabric arrives.

I think I've found my newest obession!


Joni said...

Happy to help...and can't wait for a new my single digit days left. I'd better get going!!

sb said...

Super cute dress! Check out for some more little girl dress tutorials. I love perusing the internet trying to find the next thing I want to make Natalie (but probably won't actually do).

Also, Traci on made a really cute skirt for her girl out of a bandana - it looks super cute with leggings. Dana at has a tut for making little girl dresses out of men's dress shirts - also super cute. What fun it is to have a little girl!