Friday, August 14, 2009

Mine Mama

Anyone who remembers Ava as a baby/toddler will remember just how attached to me she was. She rarely allowed anyone else to hold her and became very concerned if anyone got to close to me... including Andy. If Andy and I held hands, she'd rip our hands apart. If we hugged, she wiggle her way between us. As nice as it would have been to show my husband some affection in peace, I'll admit, it was nice to know just how loved I was.

Fast forward two years or so. Jax has been having some attachment issues. He's such an easy-going, friendly and super-social little guy. However, as of late, no one will do except Mama. Tonight, Andy and I tried to sneak a hug in in the kitchen while the kids played in the living room. But, lo and behold, Jax, sensing someone was touching his Mama walked into the kitchen, declared "Mine Mama!", pushed Andy away from me and then let out his mightiest "ROAR!" I feel so loved. I wonder how Andy feels :)

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