Friday, August 28, 2009


If you know my kids, then these pics need no explanation. If you don't know them well, let me explain. Ava is a BOOKWORM! I like to say she often has her nose in a book and her head in the clouds. Each night she lays awake in her bed for a good hour after we've put her to bed, "reading" books. Once she's fallen asleep, I tiptoe into her room, gather atleast 10-15 books from her bed and the surrounding area and put them away. I snapped these pictures this week (one is during a nap). Typical Ava.

As I got Jax ready for bed, Ava patiently waited for me to read to her. She just couldn't wait any longer...

Jax, feels about food the way his sister feels about books. He loves it. Ava has recently become strong enough to open the refrigerator, yet seemingly too weak to close it ;) One day, Jax was far too quiet, so I went into the kitchen and this is what I found.
Typical Jax.

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The K Family said...

Love it! And it's great that Ava has an interest in books this early on.