Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Double Dino-Party

Ava's birthday is in March, Jax's is May (my b-day is sandwiched in there at the beginning of April), Andy graduated in April. That's a whole lot to celebrate. So, with all the grandparents and g-parents in town for Andy's graduation we decided to extend the festivities to include Ava and Jax's combined birthday party!
Friday, was all about Andy, Saturday, on the other hand, was all about the kiddos! Because both Ava and Jax are dino-obsessed we thought it only appropriate to celebrate dino-style (not to mention, Ava's first choice a princess party wasn't really Jax-friendly). The kids invited their closest little buddies -- Ethan, Avery, A.J., Isabelle, Eva and Larissa.

The gang -- minus Avery and Larissa

Jax & Ethan after the dino-egg hunt

The girls

Avery & Jax

Ava & A.J. (can you believe A.J. is older than Ava? We have one tall little girl!)

It was so funny to see all the girls sitting together, oohing and aaahing over Ava's new princesses and girly toys, while Ethan and Jax were much more content searching for bugs in the backyard or rough-housing with my dad. It's amazing at how early the boy-girl separation begins. I thought it didn't really start until middle school dances when girls sit on one side whispering and giggling and boys sit on the other awkwardly tugging on the ties their moms made them wear. Apparently, I was mistaken.

Back to the partay.... the kids played Pin-the-Tail on Triceratops (check out the awesome artwork by my mom!),

Ava helping Jax out...
hunted for dinosaur eggs in the backyard, ate dino chicken nuggets, dino cake and a dino fruit salad (gotta say I'm pretty proud of myself for creating this little masterpiece).

Happy Birthday to you!!! (By the way, I made Ava's cute little dress. It's denim fabric with cute little embroidered dinosaurs. How perfect is that?!)
Ava and Jax's sweet friends surprised them with some great gifts (I have to say, their friends know them soooo well) and made the day extra special for our little dinosaurs!

Adorable little mini-princesses from Ethan and Avery

A drill from Eva & Larissa

After all the friends left, the kids opened presents from Grandma & Grandpa, G-Ma & G-Pa and Great Grandma. It was seriously like Christmas morning! Our living room was covered with wrapping paper and toys, toys, toys! They each got a remote control car and clothes. Jax got cars, a fire station, a monster truck race ramp, puzzles and more cars! Ava was all princess, princess, princess! She had asked for a Princess Tiana doll for her birthday in March. She was a little disappointed when she didn't get one, but was very understanding. My dad had gotten it for her way back in January, so I knew she'd be getting one at her birthday party! The look on her face when she opened the present and saw Tiana was soooo sweet! She was so thankful to G-Ma & G-Pa for her special princess doll!

We were so happy our parents could join us for the party! Ava told me that night how special it was to have them all there. I couldn't agree more!

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