Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monster Jam

I bought tickets to Monster Jam way back in December. Once I told Jax (around Christmas) he asked daily if it was Monster Jam day yet. Sadly, for three months I had to respond with, "Not yet." But, alas, the day finally arrived. The big even was in Baton Rouge, about 3.5 hours from us, so we piled in the car the night before, stayed in a hotel and woke up early to check out the city. We decided to take the kids to the USS Kidd, an old military destroyer. First, we took a tour of the museum. The kids loved checking out the models of ships and warplanes throughout history. However, despite their best efforts to remain calm and quiet, Ava and Jax just couldn't handle the military museum for more than an hour. I must admit, it really isn't kid-friendly and I'm impressed they lasted that long without getting too antsy. So, we took them outside to hop aboard the Kidd, which was definitely more their style. They got to explore the ship from end to end, pretend to shoot large guns, lay in the beds, play in the kitchen/mess hall and climb, climb, climb.

 Heading below deck.

 How many women can say they've been barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen aboard the USS Kidd?

After they had searched every nook and cranny on that ship, we took a little walk around downtown Baton Rouge, had lunch, then headed over to Monster Jam. I can't even begin to explain Jax's excitement and any attempt to do so simply wouldn't do it justice.

Let's just say, he was jumping out of his skin excited, and remained that way the entire show... well almost. After about two hours our poor little, monster truck-lovin' guy just couldn't stay awake any longer and finally, just gave up and went to sleep. I was a little disappointed he'd miss the end of the show, but excitement had kept him up late the night before and woke him up extremely early that morning. But, the time he spent awake was full of cheers, claps, joyous giggles, hoots and hollers and looks of amazement (and not just from Jax, Andy's was just as enamored). I don't think he could believe he was that close to actual monster trucks, including his very favorite: Grave Digger! Ava enjoyed herself but definitely wasn't as into it as the boys. However, her interest piqued when she learned the driver of Monster Mutt Dalmation was a girl.

Jax woke up on the walk back to our car and thanked me for taking him to Monster Jam and asked if we can go again "next time." I think this may have to become a yearly tradition.


Joni said...

Great day for JAX! What a fun mommy you look great!

All these Halls said...

What a fun day! You look adorable pregnant. I also love your short hair & that yellow shirt.

shelly said...

You look great, and I'm so happy for Jax. What a dream for him to go to Monster Jam! Did you cook some awesome food while you were barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen of the ship?