Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Haul

I taught a couponing class last night at our ward's Relief Society activity. I really don't know that I'm the most qualified person to have taught the class, but it went well. About 30 women showed up from our ward and the community AND the local newspaper is doing a story on couponing featuring yours truly. I have to say, it was strange to be on the other side of the interview. When I told the reporter that I too used to be a reporter, I joked that I was recording our conversation to ensure accuracy. I don't think she knew I was joking.

Anyway, I had to do some shopping this week which was perfect because I was able to share some of my experiences at the class. I had a great week this week! On average, I saved 80% (I usually save around 70%) and I got a TON of stuff, including diapers which we have to begin stocking up on. Here's a picture from one of my trips:

I got all this for $14! That's just about an 85% savings. Not too shabby! Of course, I stocked up at the grocery store getting $350 worth of groceries for $97 -- and that's two weeks worth of groceries (with the exception of milk).

I kept telling the ladies last night how addictive couponing is. Really, I enjoy it! It's almost become a game for me! I love to go to the store and see just how much I can save. Even my kids love to get in on it, helping me sort coupons or double check prices. If they see something they want at the store they always ask, "Mom, do you have a coupon for this?" I love it!


Heather said...

That's funny- my kids say the same thing! It's either, "Is this on sale/clearance?" or "Do we have a coupon?". Teaching them young is the way to go! I also look at it as a game and have some trips that are better than others. After a couple of really great deals, I get excited, but it's easy to lose steam and need to take a break too. All things in moderation, right?

Anneke said...

I really would love some advice on how to coupon. I need to do that.