Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

Ava has been counting down the days to her dance recital for about a month now. Unfortunately, she didn't make it. Our poor girl woke up early, early, early Saturday morning crying that her ears hurt. Of course, having had my fair share of ear infection experience with Jax, I knew she was suffering from a double ear infection. She was sick and congested all last week which led to the ear issues. She spent most of Saturday laying on the couch in horrible pain, barely able to move because any pressure change hurt just too much. She was, of course, terribly disappointed to miss her recital, but fortunately she was able to attend the dress rehearsal the night before. I took my camera along to the practice and was able to get video (although, the picture isn't great)

Here's the tap routine (sorry for my shoddy video-taking)

With her dance friends Maria and Kennedy

And here's the ballet routine:

Our sweet friends are giving Ava the opportunity this weekend to perform her routines for an audience. I felt so terrible that she missed her big recital (and performing for her friends and family) that I asked if she could use their hardwood floors (perfect for tap shoes) to put on a show for all of us. They happily agreed and Ava has been practicing at home this week in preparation for the big event. Dancing really is her favorite thing, and I'm so excited she'll have the opportunity to share her love for it with a group of people who love her so much!

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All these Halls said...

She is beautiful-like her mamma.