Monday, May 2, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

Andy's been really busy lately with work and his church calling. He rarely has a weekend off. This weekend was no exception, he was gone pretty much all of Saturday and Sunday after Church. So, he took Monday off. Fortunately, he has accrued quite a bit of credit time at work, most of which he is saving up for when the baby comes, but I suggested he dip into it this week. He deserves it. Not to mention, I am more than in over my head with my little business and welcomed the help with the kids today so I could get a little extra work done.

We were out running a few errands this afternoon when Andy mentioned that he wanted to stop by the Mississippi River (yes, we live that close, we can just STOP BY) to see how high the water level was. The most convenient spot for us to visit the river just happens to be at the site of the kids' favorite park. So, we thought we'd take them there to play for a little while. But, all plans to swing and slide came to a screeching halt when we arrived and saw that the water play pad was turned on! The kids certainly weren't dressed to play in the water, so my initial thought was to bring them back another day in their bathing suits. But they were just too excited so I said, "What the hey" and let them go for it in their clothes which, in Ava and Jax's eyes, made me the coolest mom ever!

 He stuck his head in one of the fountains RIGHT as it began shooting water.

 Using Daddy's shirt as a towel.


Once the kids were soaked to the bone we walked a few hundred feet to get a better look at the river. The water level has actually swelled so much in recent weeks that crews were out building up the levy. It was  neat to listen to Andy, the civil engineer, explain what exactly the crews were doing, why they were using a particular technique, etc

I love having Andy home with us and find myself a little sad, after an extra day off, when he has to go back to work, although I am extremely grateful for his job. The good news is, it's only four more days until the weekend!

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