Friday, May 20, 2011

Tooth Fairy

Ava is just a few days away from losing her first tooth. She's so excited to leave her tooth for the tooth fairy, however, Ava is in the top bunk of the bed and quite the wiggle worm which make the tooth fairy nervous that the tooth or the money she leaves could end up in a crack... not to mention, I'm told, the tooth fairy is preggers and reaching the top bunk is a little tricky.

So, we made this little doozy.

It hangs right on Ava's door, eliminating the possibility of a pillow issue. The mouth is actually a pocket where Ava will leave her tooth and the tooth fairy will leave the money.

The best part is Ava and I made this together! She chose colors, helped me sew, stuff and hot glue! We hope the tooth fairy likes it!

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