Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Insect Whisperer

Ava is a girly girl -- she loves Barbies, the color pink, ballet, princesses and anything sparkly or shiny. However, she's also an outdoor girl who loves to dig in the mud, climb trees and catch critters. As we went for a family roll the other day (Ava rollerskated, Jax scootered and Eden rode in her stroller) the kids stopped to inspect an ant pile. Somehow, someone noticed a large dragonfly trapped in a spiderweb on the wheel of Jax's scooter. I'm not sure how long the little guy had been there. It's quite possible he had been stuck the entire ride, spinning like crazy. I wonder if dragonflies get dizzy. I digress. Ava, of course, thought it her duty to rescue the little critter. So, she very gently picked it up, all of us fully expecting it to flutter off in a frenzy once freed. However, much to our surprise it sat in Ava's hand for several minutes. How cool is that? It's not very often one gets to hold a dragonfly. I'm so glad I had brought my camera along for our little outing and could capture this memory for Ava.


All these Halls said...

My boys would've loved holding a dragon fly-very cool. Ava is adorable!

Rob and Sara said...

Love the thrilled look on her face!