Sunday, July 10, 2011

So Awesome!

The kids successfully completed two weeks of swim lessons! Jax is even more fearless than before (if that's possible) and Ava, our formerly water-shy girl, will now go ALL the way under water and even jump in the deepest part of the pool (as long as someone is there to catch her). I'm amazed at what a difference two weeks make!

Jax got to the point in his class, where some of the "skills" he was being taught were a little too, well, easy for him. Or maybe they just weren't as daredevil-ish as he would like. Either way, Jax's teacher sometimes just let Andy and Jax spend the last portion of class in the big pool where Jax would practice jumping in to Daddy. In the beginning, he would jump into Andy's arms (still going under) but after a few days he would jump in by himself, go all the way under, touch the bottom of the shallow end (3-4 feet) and kick back up to the surface. Here's video of our little jumper:

Like father, like son!

 I love this picture because he looks like the Karate Kid!

Unfortunately, I don't have video of Ava. She told me it made her nervous when I took pictures of her. I don't know if the child has ever been camera-shy in her life, but, I honored her request to keep the camera away. Although, I did get a few pictures back before the camera made her nervous.

 On her way under...

 We had a great two weeks and look forward to practicing the kids' new skills in our pool the rest of the summer!

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