Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Too Loud Fourth

Our little town was exceptionally hot and humid on the 4th of July. Maybe my gauges are a little off since I'm pregnant, but I tell you, it was miserable. However, late in the day we got some cloud cover which cooled the temps down a bit, but did nothing for the humidity. We had planned to go downtown for the fireworks, but an invite to our friend's house changed our plans, and it's a good thing because the fireworks were cancelled downtown because of lightning and rain.

Fireworks are legal here so many people forgo the traditional shows for those of their own. We had front row seats to our very own show in our friend's cul-de-sac. I had no idea there were so many variety of fireworks! The only thing is, the kids and I watched from inside. They enjoyed the fireworks, just not the "too close noises" (as Jax called them). Jax lasted about five minutes outside, hands on his ears, before asking me to take him in. Ava went about 15 more minutes before she too opted to watch from the window. We still got quite a show and the kids had a great time. 

 Ava thought it was pretty cool that our friends brought a couch and rocking chair outside!

 Watching from the window
Ava got distracted by a book... no shock there.

 As much fun as it was to spend the holiday with friends, there's just something about going to a big venue and watching a HUGE fireworks display that just screams 4th of July to me. I missed that a bit this year. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to our friends and had such a fun time, but I think there's just something nostalgic about hanging out in your camp chairs, surrounded by thousands of people who all go completely silent when the firework begin and Ray Charles' "America the Beautiful" begins playing in the background. Not to mention, the fireworks are far enough away that my kids don't feel the need to take cover.

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