Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Paleontologist and a Princess

Ava, Jax and I had the opportunity Tuesday to go to an amazing dinosaur museum with our friends Jessica, Dylan and Adam. To tell you the truth, I thought that once you'd seen one dinosaur museum you'd seen them all. I mean, they all have old, dead dinosaur bones in them, right? But this museum was so different. It was amazing and soooo kid-friendly.

I love that Ava is going through a dinosaur phase right now. Mine was in 2nd grade in Mrs. Hernandez's class. It could be because that tiny little grandma had a temper like a T-Rex, thus inspiring my dinosaur obsession, or it could have just been a natural phase, who knows. But I distinctly remember that period of my childhood. Friends and I had a "paleontology club" and spent our recesses sitting in the middle of the playground digging through dry Phoenix dirt for bones. Sadly, we never did find any.

Ava, of course, was thrilled to go to the museum... until we got inside and she realized the enormity of dinosaurs. She tensed up a little and told me she didn't want to go in. Fortunately, Dylan was there reminding her, "Don't be scared Ava, dinosaurs are extinct." That and a tight hold on Mommy's hand and she seemed prepared to face the beasts.

This room was very dark and filled with stars. Ava and Dylan were a little scared to go in, so they held hands and went through together.

Ava and Gastonia

Dressed up like and Ankylosaurus

Eventually, the fear wore off and she was excited to run around, see the bones and pictures and play paleontologist at a giant "dig site." Inside the museum is a large are covered in sand. Children, armed with brushes dig through the sand uncovering fossils. It was awesome!

Jax chilled in the stroller most of the time. He and Adam are just two months apart (Jax is younger) so they had fun jabbering at each other and watching their older siblings. Such a fun day!

On the way home, I asked Ava what her favorite part was:

Ava: When I digged for dinosaur bones and pretended to be a paleontologist
Mommy: Do you think you would like to be a paleontologist when you grow up?
Ava: Yes, I think so. But, I'll be a princess when I'm not finding fossils.

Hey, at least she has a plan.!

Not sure what this guy was doing at a dinosaur museum, but it makes a good picture!

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