Saturday, January 24, 2009

Such a Little Man

Jax is crawling now, he "talks" alot more... okay, he yells and screams at us when he wants something, although he does say "Mama," "more" and sometimes "hi", and now he has enough hair to comb over into a cute little boy 'do. So, with his new 'do, I thought it time to bust out my favorite accessory of his -- his Sunday tie. I bought this months ago, but Jax's serious overeating and subsequent serious vomiting scared me out of putting it on him. However, now that he's a little older, the spewage has drastically decreased and I felt okay about putting it on the little chunker! SOOOOO GLAD I DID! How darn cute is he?

And, I'm proud to report he made it through all of church last Sunday without spitting up on his tie... drool, well, that's another story.

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