Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where to start...

So, I'm a liar. I promised new photos by the end of the weekend and now it's an-an-hour-and-fifteen minutes until Thursday and I'm finally getting around to it. That's just kinda how life has been for us since we returned home from "vacation."

2009 is already off to a busy, hectic, exciting, chaotic, fun, and a plethora of other adjectives, start for the little fam. Most exciting though, is Jax's new-found mobility. The little dude no longer just moves in reverse, now he is perfectly capable of crawling forward and toward an given object, paper, speck on the ground or unsuspecting foot. He loooooves toes and, unfortunately, is not yet aware of how disgusting it is to put those belonging to other people in one's mouth. I'm sure his fetish will end when he gets a taste of a tuft of Daddy's toe hair. Too much information? Moving on...

Now that Jax is moving, Ava is getting increasingly frustrated with her baby brother. He is now literally into all things Ava. The poor girl can't play peacefully on the floor without Jax crawling on top of her, around her or over her to get to whatever it is she may be playing with at the moment. In all fairness though, Ava tends to get more use out of Jax's toys than he does, so I think in his mind it's only fair that if she is going to slam-dunk on his hoop, he should be allowed to chew on her play food.

On the other hand, Ava loves that her baby brother follows her around, albeit slowly, but he follows nonetheless. He adores her. She knows it. She eats it up. Despite instances of momentary annoyance with him, she loves having him around and loving that he is getting old enough to play with, boss around and make laugh. She's started doing this loud, goofy, gomer of a laugh just because it makes Jax laugh. I love the sound of them giggling together. Ahhh, sweet music!

Here's some photos of the kids laying in Ava's bed. She wanted Jax to cuddle with her. So sweet!

What else, what else? Oh, there's so much and I'm so tired. I'll leave it here for now, but I'll be back. PROMISE!

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