Thursday, January 29, 2009


After months and months of gnawing on EVERYTHING, drooling, swollen gums and pain, Jax's bottom two teeth FINALLY popped up today! HOORAY! It's bittersweet really. I'm so happy that his pain will be gone (atleast until the next set decide to start rearing their heads), but I'm a little sad because I love his big gummy smile. I know his smile will still be absolutely adorable, but there's just something about a toothless grin...

With his new teeth comes a whole new attitude. We caught this on video tonight when Andy came home. Jax all of a sudden began growling at Daddy. When Andy pretended to be frightened by the roars Jax only made them louder and more vicious. It's pretty funny. Just click on the PLAY button at the bottom of the video (for our less technologically-savvy family members :) ) Please also take notice of the squishy little man-boobs my eight-month old proudly owns.



JessWilson said...

He's too cute and definitely all boy with that growwwl! Also, so glad that his teeth finally popped up - hopefully the next set will come in a little faster and less painful!

eckleinman said...

The term for Man Boobs is "moobs". Just so you know:) It is offical, Lewis and Floorwax on the radio here in Denver say that is the technical term, so who am I to argue?