Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Jax turned 11-months-yesterday. I have just one month left of saying my baby is "X-months-old." After this months, I'll have to say he's one. I can't believe that. I was just telling my best friend yesterday that it seems like he got to this age so much faster than Ava did. Yet, when Ava turned one she seemed like such a big girl to me, Jax is still my baby. It's very strange the things we think with second children.

Anyway. Jax has developed so many new talents in the past few weeks. He's started saying several new words, making animal sounds, folding his arms during all prayers (and KEEPS them folded) and standing on his own.

Here he is walking with a push toy. Be sure to watch the whole thing, because he says his newest favorite word at the end.

He has 6 1/2 teeth with a few more coming and has quickly learned the benefits of having chompers. Honestly, I rarely have to cut his food up for him, partly because he's tearing it out of my hands before I have the chance, but mostly because he uses those teeth like a hungry lion attacking a fat zebra. I think it's the only explanation for his rapid tooth growth -- he's willed his body to shoot those suckers through his gums so he can tear through his food more quickly. He often eats more than me at dinner time and rivals Andy in the amount of food he consumes. My growing boy!

Here he is playing with his wooden car and making the VROOM sound that goes with it. Such a boy!

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