Thursday, April 16, 2009

Project Princess

Before Ava turned three she decided, nay, DECLARED that she needed a princess room. She thought, and rightfully so, that her new big girl status deserved a big girl room. So, months before her birthday PROJECT PRINCESS got underway. We had it all finished for her birthday, but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. So goes life.

I'll post pictures up of her entire room tomorrow. But, I wanted to get this one up for Andy's mom. The centerpiece of the room is Ava's "new" dresser. In all actuality, the dresser is anything but new. It's old, really old. To give you an idea, one day as I was working on the the dresser Uncle Dusty came by, got one glimpse of the thing and said with shock, "You still have that thing?!" The dresser was Andy's as a child. It had dents and marker markings, dirt and pieces missing, all the basic distinguishing characteristics of something owned, for decades, by a boy.

My first line of attack was sanding the whole thing down. I was prepared for days of sanding. However, an electric hand sander, 140 grout sandpaper and a few hours later and I was finished. Granted, my hands were red and stung from the constant tickle of the sander. But, I was done, nonetheless. From there, I painted the whole thing white (Ava helped). Once the paint dried, the real work began. I covered the entire thing in princess scrapbook papers and light blue crystal glitter paper (Ava chose), creating patterns and designs and then Modge Podged it all on. If you don't know what Modge Podge is, you're missing out. It's amazing! It's my new obsession. Andy fears he will come home one day to a Modge Podged house and a wife drunk with glee.

The Top

I'm really pleased with how the dresser came out. Ava LOOOOVES it. And that's all that really matters. She was so excited to put her clothes in her brand new princess dresser, and even told Daddy he couldn't touch it for fear he'd ruin it. Such a little princess.

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Leilani said...

your blog is so cute! the dresser looks great, can't wait to see the rest of the room! now i am going to go google modge podging....i can already tell that makoa may not like this. :) hehehe.