Monday, April 20, 2009

On the Move

Our kids are becoming more mobile. Which terrifies me. Maybe terrify isn't the right word. In many ways, I'm excited for the new skills they're learning, but on the other hand, it means they're getting bigger and faster... and I have to chase them.

Ava has now mastered her tricycle. She's been trying so hard and told me several times, "Mommy, if I just keep practicing, I'll ride my trike like a big girl." And sure enough... she's quite the little speedster now. We took her for a ride around the block the other day and then let her ride around the church parking lot for quite awhile. I'm happy to report that in all that time she only had one little spill and she hopped right back on and pedaled away. One accident is especially impressive when 1) you consider that she inherited her mother's clumsy gene, and 2) she rarely watched where she was driving, instead, checking out everything around her and the new, faster view of those things. She's such a big girl and I'm so proud of her for working so hard to master the pedaling motion. She expressed her frustration with it several times, but kept at it.

Jax, meanwhile, is showing more signs of a desire to walk. I'm especially in no hurry to have a biped for a son. I am completely content with his current quadriped status. He already gets into everything and can somehow make it a quarter of the way up the stairs after I've only turned my back for a few seconds. He's a master sneak I tell you. As of late, he's started grabbing on to moving things and using them to walk -- our computer chair, an inside ride-on toy (thanks Ethan) an outside ride-on toy, Ava's trike, the kitchen chair (whith Ava in it). He seems ready to go. Sometimes the object moves a little faster than his legs, but he's always quick to catch himself or hop right back up and try again. I've got some determined kids. Jax is so pleased with himself as he motors around, and especially loves crashing in to things. What can I say, he's such a boy!

I'll post video later. Unfortunately, I accidentally erased the adorable video of him pushing his little truck. I promise, it will be up soon!

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