Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just had to post this this morning. Ava says something every day that just makes me smile...

Just a few minutes ago, Ava asked if she could play with her little buddy Ethan today. I told her we'd go to their house tomorrow as we already have a playdate planned. She asked with excitement in her eyes and voice, "Is his tummy flea gone?" I immediately knew what she was talking about and chuckled a bit. Ethan had a rough day one day last week and threw up a few times. After I got off the phone with his mom that day, I told Ava that Ethan had the "stomach flu." Later that evening, when Andy came home I called it a "stomach bug." Ava put the two together and deduced that Ethan must have a "tummy flea." She cracks me up!

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Joni said...

I am happy to say that YES! our tummy flea is gone! Yuck!