Tuesday, September 22, 2009


HA! Made you look! It's not baby time for us, but for the animals at the Hogle Zoo.

We took a little family outing Saturday to one of Ava's favorite places -- the zoo. We went last year when Jax was very young, but this time he could really appreciate it.

I was checking out the zoo's website the other day and saw that it has experienced quite the baby boom: giraffe, elephant, tigers, snow leopard, crocodile. Since Ava's favorite animal is a giraffe and Jax is all about elephants these days I thought we better go see these new babies ourselves.

Baby Zuri was born August 10. The kids couldn't get enough of her. Unfortunately I didn't get great pictures of her, but you MUST check out this video on her official blog. It's adorable!


And here's the kids doing their best elephant impressions.

The baby giraffe was next on our list, although it's quite the trek from the elephant encounter to the giraffe area so we made a few stops along the way to visit the rhinos, monkeys and few other critters.
Oh, but the look on Ava's face when she caught view of the giraffes was priceless.

As soon as she saw the baby she immediately ran over and began calling to it, "Come here baby giraffe, come on." She even starting patting her leg and clicking her tongue, like you would when calling a dog or a horse. Unfortunately, the baby giraffe has not been to obedience school because
he did not come, despite her beckoning.

After a few minor breakdowns (it had been a long day) we made our way over to the tiger exhibit to check out the babies.

I have such a hard time getting them to look at the camera at the same time!

We thought these drinking fountains were hilarious! Until Andy told Ava she was drinking lion drool. She stopped drinking for a few seconds and then turned to him and said, "No, it's water. I can taste it with my own mouth!"

Oh, one more thing. How can I forget? The zoo currently houses a Madagascar exhibit, where you can find a Fossa. A what-a? I had never heard of it either? But apparently it's a major predator on Madagascar. You'd never know by looking at the thing. It just looks like a house cat on steroids. It was pretty skittish, which Jax loved.

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