Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Playing Dress-Up

Jax is a quick little bugger. It seems that as soon as I turn my back on the little dude he's up the stairs, laughing all the way. A trip up the stairs usually means venturing into Ava's territory, much to her dismay. His favorite is bopping along to the music from his sister's 'super-duper computer' -- a cute Disney princess computer Grandma got Ava for Christmas.

(please excuse Ava's messy room, she had been playing hard in it!)

And somehow, amidst all the pink, princesses and all things girly, he finds any ball, banging thing or wild animal. It's amazing! However, every once in awhile, Ava gets her dainty little hands on him and her baby brother becomes her own personal dress-up doll. I've seen him come out of her room with crowns, necklaces and cowgirl hats. Fortunately, he's completely unaware of how socially unacceptable it is for a little boy to be prancing around in a tiara. All he knows is that his big sister, whom he adores, is playing with him.

Just the other day Ava let me in on all the dress-up fun and this is what happened:

Of course, The Little Princess...

She said I was a good witch because bad witches only wear black hats... and because I'm nice. She knows how to butter me up!

And, the royal bumblebee. Does it get any cuter?!

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The K Family said...

Your kids crack me up! They are just too cute!