Thursday, September 24, 2009

Writing Letters

Ava has been very interested as of late in learning to write. She began writing her name right around her third birthday and went through phases of wanting to write, wanting to scribble and wanting to write again. But these past few weeks are the most consistent she's been in her desire to write and I must say she's caught on quickly. She can now write all of her letters, although she needs a little help with 'G','S' and 'Z'. Almost daily she asks me to help her write a letter to someone.

This is the first she wrote on her own (with my help with the G and P) a few weeks ago (G-Pa is my dad):

I have more pictures of recent letters she's written, but they are in the mail to grandparents and I want them to be the first to see them.

It's so cute to watch Ava sit with her little black and white composition book (25 cents well spent) and write letters. She'll ask me how to spell a word and then I see her focus intently and then pop her head up and ask for the next letter. Maybe she'll take after her mama and be a writer. I just can't let Andy get his hands on her or she'll be writing mathematical symbols :)

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