Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ava wants a pet... desperately. At least a few times a week she reminds me that at some point in her life she would like a cat, a dog and/or a horse. I think we may have dodged the kitty bullet when I explained a litter box to her.

In the meantime, I try to get my animal-loving kids their four-legged/winged/furry fix by taking them to the zoo or pet store. But recently, I was introduced to a place far better -- FARM COUNTRY!

This place is great! It's a giant farm (thus the name) complete with all the standard farmyard friends, but add pony rides, a "dance hall" and "jail", vegetable gardens and I may as well have taken my kids to Disneyland because they're in heaven!

Dancing in Miss Kitty's Dance Hall

When you first walk in, you're greeted by baby chicks. Ava, of course, thought they were cute and fluffy, Jax on the other hand, squealed like a slopped pig at the sight of the little featherballs.

(Listen closely, you can hear him screaming "DUCK! DUCK!")

After the chickies, we went outside to see the cows and horses. Ava, adores horses and was so natural petting and speaking quietly to them. Jax stomped and jumped excitedly, and would dart his hands up to pet them before shrieking joyfully and pulling his hands away.


This was our first trip to FARM COUNTRY. Andy had to get to work so, unfortunately, the kids didn't get to ride the ponies, which sent sweet Ava into a serious state of sadness. Not being able to bear the visual of my little girl's sad face burned into my brain, I took the kids back a few days later, but this time, with their buddy Ethan.

We went through the same routine, chicks, cows, horses and rabbits. But this time, the kids spent quite a bit of time at an indoor play area. It takes kids through the steps necessary for growing fruits and vegetables, and even provides them a "soil tunnel" to crawl through. So fun!

She was determined to pose with her baby brother!

After the play area, the moment all three had been waiting for --- THE PONY RIDE! Armed with their ride tickets Ava and Ethan waited patiently for their turns, while Jax repeatedly ran away neighing. Finally though, they saddled up. And, well, the pictures explain themselves.


Joni said...

Ethan had a blast! Thanks for treating him to such a good time! (and thanks to you I had a much needed nap...)

Candace said...

Bekah, have you been to the "Llama" temple yet? That's what my kids call it. Actually it is the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. They raise llamas there and when you come to visit they can give you a free tour and for $1 they let you ride the llamas. We should go sometime and make it a little playdate! Maybe we can get Stephanie too since she is on her own for awhile!