Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Little Soccer Playa

When we moved to our little town, we gave Ava the choice: soccer or dance. I would love her to do both, but money and time simply don't permit right now. To my surprise, she chose soccer. To be hoenst, I couldn't be happier. Not only because I was a soccer player myself and get great joy out of passing on the tradition to my daughter, but because dance is a little different here in the South. Basically, most dance studios are preparing girls for the pageant circuit. Not all, but many. And as beautiful and talented as my daughter is, I don't think the pageant circuit is the best place to share that.

So, soccer it is. For the second season in a row, I'm coaching Ava's team. We're sponsored by a local business called Falco. The kids couldn't agree on our mascot, so we're the Falco Falcon-sharks. Pretty dangerous. I am loving coaching, and more importantly, Ava is loving playing. Our team is 4-0, which has nothing to do with my coaching ability and everything to do with the talent on our team. Seriously, I'm impressed. Ava has improved greatly this season. She's much more aggressive, and handles the ball quite well, although on game days she tends to be easily distracted by what is going on on other fields. She's working on it though.

Right before soccer pictures. Don't worry, her Belle doll didn't make a cameo.

While we were in Phoenix Ava had the chance to take part in a kids soccer clinic at the indoor soccer field I used to play out. I tell you, the girl was on fire! She was the only girl on the field (seven boys) and she scored all of her team's four goals. While many of the boys gave up, or complained of being too tired, our little soccer player ran up and down the miniature field, scoring at one end then defending her goal at the other. All went smoothly until she and a boheameth of a boy collided and he stepped on her arm. It happened near the end of the clinic, so she called it in and rested until snack time. Injury and all, it was such a joy to watch my little girl enjoying soccer so much. It was even better watching the looks on my parents' faces as they cheered her on, as they did for me for so many years. A little part of me can't help but be proud she's carrying on the soccer torch.

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