Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Easy Bakin'

I'm lucky, my kids love to help me in the kitchen. Whether it's just making oatmeal for breakfast or our four loaves of bread on Sundays, I can guarantee one or both kids will be standing next to me on stools helping pour ingredients or knead dough.

So, you can imagine Ava's excitement when she got her very own Easy Bake Oven from G-Ma & G-Pa for Christmas. Okay, okay, I was excited too. I had some fun times with my EBO when I was a kid and couldn't wait to see the upgrades made in the last 20 years. Well, other than updating the outside of the oven to make it look a little more modern, it's still the same. Which I can understand. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Anyway, Ava got a couple of mixes to go with her Easy Bake and chose to start her baking adventures with the sugar cookies.

She loved mixing the batter and rolling out the cookies, but was a little frustrated that she was only able to cook on cookie at a time. Then after waiting 10 minutes, as the directions stated, for her first cookie she was brought nearly to tears when we pulled a charred cookie out of the oven. However, after adjusting the time to just five minutes on the next cookie, her face lit up when a perfectly golden sugar cookie emerged from the oven. I cooked the last two while she frosted her cookie, then topped it with pink crystal sprinkles. She and Jax each enjoyed one of the creations and saved the last for Daddy.


Ava says her Easy Bake Oven cookies are the best she's ever had, must be the pink sugar crystals.

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Joni said...

Yummm, Wish we could have a pink sugar crystal sugar cookie. I'm sure they are the best ever.